Open Thread #2: The Summer Fruit Issue

Animated illustration by Daniela Bracco

The parade of summer fruit marches on and it’s moving fast. The strawberries and rhubarb of May and June seem like a love affair from long ago; already, cherries are fading from memory. Last week I snagged one last container of apricots; this week is all about peaches, blueberries, and melons: cantaloupe, Crenshaw, honeydew, and, of course, watermelon. In the weeks to come, plump figs and shiny blackberries and bloomy plums will grace the farmers’ market stalls.

I’m of two minds when it comes to summer fruit. Half of me wants to do nothing more than pop blueberries in my mouth all the livelong day as they sit in their little green carton on the kitchen counter. The other half wants to lovingly fold those blueberries into cornmeal batter and bake them into a sweet breakfast cake.

Obviously the answer is to do both things as long as supplies last.

But here’s a question: What are your favorite ways to enjoy summer fruit? Are you the type who eats a ripe peach over the kitchen sink? Do you slice it up into a glass of wine and spear up the wedges with your knife? Or do you prefer to arrange the slices in neat spirals on a bed of pastry for a fresh peach crostata?

This is our second open thread here on Buona Domenica, and I’d love to know what you’re making with summer fruit, whether it’s pie, crumble, crostata, jam, salad, or something else. These open threads are meant to be like a virtual piazza (public square), so please feel free to share a few lines, or paragraphs, recipes or links to recipes, and ideas.

I’ll get the ball rolling with this blueberry-polenta cake and links to a few other recipes:

Blackberry Almond Cheesecake
(Tutti Dolci)
Blueberry Clafoutis (Anne Byrne Between the Layers)
Sour Cherry Crumble (Time Travel Kitchen)
Melon Granita (Williams-Sonoma Rustic Italian)
Torta di Pesche (peach cake)

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